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This was one of the best post that I seen her do about herself and on how the services that should be helping her with her depression and returning her only child back to her care has continually failed her massively. I can’t understand how any agency that is to help her can’t see that if they only had the ability to look at her situation from her point of view that they would just know that having her son in her care would cure 95% of her depression and finally let her get on with life and that don’t even take in consideration what it is doing to her childs life. And they wonder why kids grow up sometimes with antisocial issues and more.

It is beyond me how such services are even allowed to practice. In my opinion they all need to go back to school and update their lacking (old school) ways of thinking. I even heard of this backwater type social morons here in the United States.

Learn some compassion and empathy for others before trying to help. Otherwise the system is always going to fail those seeking help. Just makes me angry to hear such stories from around the world on the lack of help from the government agencies that are in place to do just that; help. Some of time those same agencies are there only because of their citizens tax dollars are funding them, as it is in the United States. What a waste.

I hope her post lets other people know more on just what to expect if they ever find themselves in even a somewhat close circumstances as her. She had to find out the hard way and still dealing with both her depression and now added stress from those very agencies that are supposedly helping.


How To Enable SPDY In Firefox

The goal of SPDY ( Pronounced SPeeDY) is to cut web page load times and not to replace HTTP. It just modifies the way HTTP requests and responses are sent over the wire. Such as connection management and data transfer formats.
Performance of applications over HTTP and SPDY have observed 25% to 64% over plain TCP, and 39% – 55% with SSL, reductions in page load times in SPDY.

It gets very technical on how it all works and if you are more the technical type person, like me, then you can learn more on the following links.

Wiki for SPDY
The Chromium Projects
Or just Google search for the term; SPDY.

SPDY is already used in both Google Chrome and Chromium browsers on Windows, OS X, Linux, ChromeOS, and Android.
You can inspect SPDY sessions in the Chrome browser at the special URL: chrome://net-internals/#spdy

This HOW-TO post is ONLY for showing you how to enable it in the Firefox browser. So lets begin.

Open your Firefox browser and then type in the address bar the following:
Like this:

Type about:config here

Then push Enter on your keyboard.

Next click on the I Promise button

click I Promise button

A window should come up and in the ‘search bar’ type spdy like this (It will automatically take you to the results for all the lines that have the word ‘spdy’ in them).

Type 'spdy' in search bar.

Then double-click on the line that says ‘network.http.spdy.enabled’ to change the ‘Value’ for that line from false to true.
Like this:

double click to change 'Value' from 'false' to 'true'.

That is it. You are all done. Just close and restart your Firefox browser and go to some links to see if you can notice faster loading times. You may not be able to always see a difference, but maybe some of the web pages you gone to before and loaded slow for you will load faster now.
Happy Faster Browsing 🙂

Understanding PIPA / SOPA & Why You Should Be Concerned

If you never read anything about PIPA or SOPA or understand the far reaching consequences of what it will mean to users of the internet worldwide. Then please watch this short video.

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Software Pirate Cracks Cybercriminal Wares By Brain Krebs

Make enough friends in the Internet security community and it becomes clear that many of the folks involved in defending computers and networks against malicious hackers got started in security by engaging in online illegal activity of one sort or another. These gradual mindset shifts are sometimes motivated by ethical, karmic or personal safety reasons, but just as often grey and black hat hackers gravitate toward the defensive side simply because it is more intellectually challenging.
Read Full Story at:

One example of a hacker (and others friends of) from the above story. They been hacking the hackers lately.
Read more of XyliBox here:

I myself follow many hackers Wh or Bh and any colors between. I find it interesting to get a glimpse into the minds of how those sorts think. It is like what a brain teaser is to others, that they want to solve and|or explore, in some cases. I hope you find the above story and blog site interesting and make sure you follow them because they have a lot of insight that less computer savvy people like me have.

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I want to get back into doing more artwork and been thinking of posting more of what I draw online. I have thought of using vector art applications like Inkscape an open source SVG (vector art) editor. I use Inkscape on my Linux OS but there is versions that work also on Windows and Mac OS.

I am better drawing freehand than using a PC drawing tablet but, I am very interested in trying to use a tablet like the ones from Wacom. At present I am thinking of either buying a Intuos4 or a Inkling pen. The Inkling is a new Wacom product coming soon. It selling for $199 US. Below is a short video from the Wacom Inkling page:

I chose Wacom products because of their superior compatibility with the Linux Operating Systems, which is the OS I use mostly on all my computers. Also, I use the open source editor applications (Inkscape, Gimp, and Blender), which in my opinion are not only free but better and full featured than the likes of Photoshop, Lightroom, and some other Adobe|Macromedia apps. I do like free.

I chose Inkscape because I like the way that anything you draw is scalable to any size you want without losing the quality (pixels). That the nice thing about SVG’s type drawings.

I still haven’t decided where to post my completed drawings. I do have a few video recordings of me drawing on my page: and my YouTube page.

Stay tuned here for further updates on my thoughts of using above products and where you can see my drawings.

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