I want to get back into doing more artwork and been thinking of posting more of what I draw online. I have thought of using vector art applications like Inkscape an open source SVG (vector art) editor. I use Inkscape on my Linux OS but there is versions that work also on Windows and Mac OS.

I am better drawing freehand than using a PC drawing tablet but, I am very interested in trying to use a tablet like the ones from Wacom. At present I am thinking of either buying a Intuos4 or a Inkling pen. The Inkling is a new Wacom product coming soon. It selling for $199 US. Below is a short video from the Wacom Inkling page:

I chose Wacom products because of their superior compatibility with the Linux Operating Systems, which is the OS I use mostly on all my computers. Also, I use the open source editor applications (Inkscape, Gimp, and Blender), which in my opinion are not only free but better and full featured than the likes of Photoshop, Lightroom, and some other Adobe|Macromedia apps. I do like free.

I chose Inkscape because I like the way that anything you draw is scalable to any size you want without losing the quality (pixels). That the nice thing about SVG’s type drawings.

I still haven’t decided where to post my completed drawings. I do have a few video recordings of me drawing on my Ustream.tv page: http://ustream.tv/channel/Dear and my YouTube page.

Stay tuned here for further updates on my thoughts of using above products and where you can see my drawings.

Dear †


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