Software Pirate Cracks Cybercriminal Wares By Brain Krebs

Make enough friends in the Internet security community and it becomes clear that many of the folks involved in defending computers and networks against malicious hackers got started in security by engaging in online illegal activity of one sort or another. These gradual mindset shifts are sometimes motivated by ethical, karmic or personal safety reasons, but just as often grey and black hat hackers gravitate toward the defensive side simply because it is more intellectually challenging.
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One example of a hacker (and others friends of) from the above story. They been hacking the hackers lately.
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I myself follow many hackers Wh or Bh and any colors between. I find it interesting to get a glimpse into the minds of how those sorts think. It is like what a brain teaser is to others, that they want to solve and|or explore, in some cases. I hope you find the above story and blog site interesting and make sure you follow them because they have a lot of insight that less computer savvy people like me have.


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