Kirsty’s Recent Blog Post

This was one of the best post that I seen her do about herself and on how the services that should be helping her with her depression and returning her only child back to her care has continually failed her massively. I can’t understand how any agency that is to help her can’t see that if they only had the ability to look at her situation from her point of view that they would just know that having her son in her care would cure 95% of her depression and finally let her get on with life and that don’t even take in consideration what it is doing to her childs life. And they wonder why kids grow up sometimes with antisocial issues and more.

It is beyond me how such services are even allowed to practice. In my opinion they all need to go back to school and update their lacking (old school) ways of thinking. I even heard of this backwater type social morons here in the United States.

Learn some compassion and empathy for others before trying to help. Otherwise the system is always going to fail those seeking help. Just makes me angry to hear such stories from around the world on the lack of help from the government agencies that are in place to do just that; help. Some of time those same agencies are there only because of their citizens tax dollars are funding them, as it is in the United States. What a waste.

I hope her post lets other people know more on just what to expect if they ever find themselves in even a somewhat close circumstances as her. She had to find out the hard way and still dealing with both her depression and now added stress from those very agencies that are supposedly helping.


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