Hello all,

Most people online know me by my nickname “Dear”. I use that name both online and offline. I use it because it pays homage to my late girlfriend and mother of my son. That is just the way that she use to introduce me to everyone. So, all my friends now call me by that name and have done so for over twenty something years now. People at my work place use to call me by that name also.

I have done many things in my lifetime. My most accomplished are the businesses I started myself from scratch. Over the years I have owned:

  • A Limousine Company ( 18 Limo’s and ran for 20 years or so )
  • Valet parking business ( ran it concurrent with Limo business )
  • Landscaping business
  • Home repair and janitorial business that also serviced corporate offices.
  • Hotel and restaurant.
  • Automotive repair business.
  • 5 star chef.

I am sure I am forgetting a lot of them.  I am just to worn out to even think of all the businesses I started and ran. I also had jobs (working for other companies) at same time I ran most of the above business. Maybe that is why I am so worn out that I can’t think anymore. Also maybe the reason I was able to retire at a very early age.

If anyone interested in, or having problems with their car(s) just email or post a question and a way you would like me to reply to you and I will try my best to help you. Also, if you are having issues with your PC, networking, or other computer problems. I know a bit about Linux and Windows operating systems and hardware.  If I don’t know the answer I am sure I know someone who does.

You can usually find me streaming online either at or on my website ( when the server is running ), or in a ‘ Hangout’ on Google+“.

Anyways, welcome to Dear and Tootsie’s little part of the internet,

MP aka Dear  † Peace


6 responses to “Dear

  1. Hey !
    Dunno how I found you… I probably just typed name in Google and a wordpress thing came up.
    Just got an Acer Aspire 5560-Sb433 laptop.
    Here is link… (if links are allowed here.)|ec0027|ec0031&attr=&subcat=&cat=ec0031&dept=ec0027&sf=ec&gs=&prev=hp!sf!dept!cat&cm_sp=Recommended*PD*bottom

    Gonne need help on new camera I’m gonna buy, and all the crap setting up stuff. (Especially libraries… not ALL music shows up from 3 or 4 diff folders even though I added all to Library.)
    Also, I have iTunes… but some things won’t show in an EASY library (to see all songs all at once for easy playback when I use WinAmp.) Etc etc etc….
    Am still using old comp until it dies… and would like to transfer 60G of files (burner quit… and won’t recognize any flash drives. Comp says, “Drive can not be formatted”…. whatever !

    Hear from ya soon.

    • Hi Paul, I am not sure when I will be available to help you any time soon. I have not been online much at all. I am in the process of trying to bring my new girlfriend over to the US and then find a new house to for us and move and all the rest that entails. If I am understanding what you said then in Winamp just add folders you want Winamp to scan for music files. the same goes for all your iTunes music. Just tell Winamp to scan those folders also.

      If you are looking for just a good webcam then the Logitech higher end webcams I still recommend to you. They go on sale too a lot. Hit Fry’s up to see if on sale there.

      I do not see why you would want to format your flash drives. If you are saying that you do not know what that is; it means to wipe all information on the drive and prepare it for new stuff.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help to you right now.

      Dear †

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    • Hi Paul,
      I see you found my WordPress page. How you find me? I mean what links did you click to find me? Just curious.
      I really haven’t been on my computers at all lately. I am in the process of maybe moving. I say maybe because it depends on when my new girlfriend moves here. Don’t say anything to Tootsie about that please. I will tell her when I know more myself. 😉
      I saw that you was streaming on ustream the other day. Ustream twittered that you was live and streaming. They have found you. hehehe.
      I will try to keep you updated on just what I going to be doing but as of yet I am not sure myself.

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